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What if I’ve never applied vinyl boat letters before?

Feedback from our customers over the years, who have never done it before, have said that if you follow the directions, take your time and pick a day that is not too windy, it’s easy. .

What supplies will I need to apply my boat letters?

You will need an application squeegee, which is included in your order, masking tape, a yardstick or tape for measuring, a scissor and a cleaned surface to apply the letter. We also recommend a water-soluble marking pencil, available from us. Water-soluble pencils will wash off your boat easily after the boat letters are applied.

Where do I get these supplies?

The application squeegee will be included in your order. The water-soluble marking pencil are available from You may also buy the marking pencil from your local art supply store. Everything else is available at your local hardware store.

How do I remove existing boat lettering from my boat?

Most vinyl boat lettering can be removed. We recommend that you warm the surface of the boat letters …a sunny day may do it, but a hair dryer will also work well. Lift a corner or edge of each letter and pull.

How do I remove the sticky residue that remains after I’ve removed the old vinyl boat letters?

Our favorite way is with paint thinner. Apply a coat over the residue and let soak for 30-60 seconds. With your fingernail, lightly scratch the sticky substance. It will come off easily but will be a little messy. Wipe the surface and then clean with soap and water or glass cleaner.

How long can I expect my boat letters to last?

According to the vinyl manufacturer, 7 years. However, we have seen many vinyl boat letters continue to maintain their durability many years longer.

Will the color of my boat letters fade?

You can expect the color to last the same as the letter itself.

Can I get a vinyl sample of the color I am choosing before I order?

Yes. Call us 860.447.0999, email us your requests…don’t forget to specify color(s).

Does it matter what temperature it is when I apply my vinyl boat letters?

The minimum application temperature recommended by the manufacturer is 40 degrees farenheit or 4 degrees Celsius.

Should I wax my boat before I put my letters on?

No but we recommend that your application surface is clean. You can use soap and water or glass cleaner.

Do I need a “hailing port” under my boat’s name?

If you have a documented boat, yes.

What if I have a “documented” boat?

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary states, “The documented boat’s name and hailing port must be displayed on the exterior hull in letters not less than (4) inches in height. To be documented a boat must be 5 net tons or greater.”

How do I apply my vinyl boat letters?

Go to Instruction pdf file

Do I need to put anything over my vinyl boat letters to protect them?

No. However, after your boat letters are “set” (about a week should do it), it is okay to wax over your boat letters.

Can I wash my boat after my letters are applied?

Other than removing the water-soluble marks, which should come off easily with a wet cloth, it is always better to let your vinyl letters “set-up” for a few days before washing. If you use a garden hose, be careful not to use too much pressure.

What if I make a mistake when I apply my boat letters?

You will probably do fine if you follow the instructions carefully and choose a day that is not too windy. However, if you do mess up you can reorder just the letters or numbers that need replacing. There is a minimum order of $15.00 on replacement letters, plus shipping and handling.

Can I use your vinyl letters or graphics on something other than my boat?

Yes. There are many applications for using the same vinyl letters or graphics including truck doors, vans, bug shields, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, storefront windows, mailboxes, jet skis, bug shields, motorcycles, ski mobiles or any smooth, clean and dry surface.

Can you make something that I have designed? How do I find out what it costs?

Yes. You may email your artwork to us. All custom artwork is priced individually based on complexity of artwork, number of colors, size and any “clean-up” of artwork that may be required.

How do I send you the artwork that I would like to use?

email or snail mail

Is my purchase from this site safe?

Yes. is a secure site and accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and Discover

How soon will I receive my order?

Most credit card orders are shipped the following business week

Can I order vinyl boat letters for someone else and have them shipped to the address I specify?

Yes. Please specify the correct “Ship to” address on the order form when you are checking out. Please let us know if it is a gift, we will include a card if you like.

If I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ section, how do I contact

You may contact us by telephone 860.447.0999 or email us.

I can’t wait to get my vinyl boat letters. How do I order?

Please click this link to be taken to our Name Preview Tool!